Podskee Wee Wee

Episode 48

July 20, 2016

Mike and Josh shoot the sh*t about their week, while Mike promotes his upcoming appearance on the Eskimo Empire Podcast and Josh talks about his just-started vacation in Kingston. After that, it is on to the CFL Podcast Family League update and the boys gloating about another big win. Then it is time to talk Ticats football as the win over the Als is discussed at length. The two of them disagree with Rod Pedersen about his HAWT TAEK regarding the injury suffered by Darian Durant. It is then Bozo of the Week and game preview time as Mike hands out his weekly award and the boys talk about what the Ticats need to do to beat the Eskimos this Saturday. The episode closes out with Mike and Josh making their picks and answering a listener's question.

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