Episode 74

May 30, 2017

Mike and Jost begin things with Josh asking Mike to hear his confession and absolve him of his sin before they get into the news around the league. In Ticats news, the boys talk about Andy Fantuz's new role, the retirement of Jake Olson, Brandon Banks' paycut, the release of five players and what was learned from the first two days of training camp. In league news, the boys cover the trade that sent Peter Dyakowski from Toronto to Saskatchewan in exchange for Armanti Edwards, the return of Marcus Ball to the CFL with the Argos, the shocking release of Bear Woods by the Alouettes, and the acquittal of Justin Cox. The boys then finish their CFL player video game ratings by looking at the receivers of the West Division.

Episode 73

May 17, 2017

Mike and Josh talk CFL Draft, including analyzing what the Ticats did as well as discusing some of the ways the draft presentation could be improved going forward. After that, it is Ticats news time, with John Chick's extension, Spencer Watt's release and some Ticats kicker news being discussed. Then the boys get into some league news, chatting about a pair of former players talking about their interest in being the next commissioner, the Redblacks signing Tori Gurley and Shakir Bell, and finish off by laughing about Ricky Foley's "Zero Dark Thirty-95" tweet.

Episode 72

May 3, 2017

Mike and Josh discuss Hamilton's recent mini-camp (and the false rumours of impropriety by the team), the trade that saw Hamilton acquire DB Khalid Wooten from Montreal and the release of Jeremy Lewis. They also touch upon the fine handed out last week to the B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders, the release of Justin Cox by the Riders, Saskatchewan's reported interest in Michael Vick, the Argos trading for S.J. Green, the Argos signing Cleyon Laing, the Eskimos hiring Brock Sunderland as GM and the Colts releasing former B.C. Lion standout Alex Bazzie. They give a tint CFL Draft preview, mostly about what they think the Ticats will and should do, before answering a pair of listener questions and giving video game ratings to receivers for the CFL's East Division.