Episode 68

February 24, 2017

Mike and Josh dicuss all the Ticats news, including the release of Peter Dyakowski and the pair of trades the team made with the Montreal Alouettes. The boys also talk about the Drew Tate trade and the rumours of Jim Popp and Marc Trestman landing in Toronto. Then it is free agency wrap-up time, as the boys talk about who is arriving in Hamilton, who stayed and who left. They also tell you which free agency moves from around the CFL that they loved, liked (but with some reservations) and hated. They end things by answering three listener questions.

Episode 67

February 12, 2017

On this week's show, Mike and Josh discuss all the important Ticats news, including the re-signings of Xavier Fulton and Terrence Toliver and the announcement of the team's 2017 coaching staff. They also give our likes and dislikes about the Ticats' 2017 schedule, talk about all the happenings around the league in regards to signings, re-signings and releases, as well the mess in Regina regarding QB Johnny Manziel. They also give a little free agency preview, discussing who they would like to see end up in Hamilton and make some predictions on where some other players might land.

Episode 66

February 1, 2017

On the first show of 2017, Mike and Josh discuss all the happenings, both Ticats and CFL in general, since the last time they got together (which was way too long ago). We talk about the big coaching changes in Hamilton, as well as the addition, subtraction and extension of various Ticats players. In league news, we talk about all the coaching news, including the mess in Toronto, the changes in Montreal and the stability in Winnipeg, while also covering all the major player news, including trades, retirements, re-signings and players leaving for the NFL.