Episode 39

April 30, 2016

Mike and Josh discuss all the Ticats news that came out since the last time they recorded, including Tommy Condell's resignation, Peter Dyakowski's contract extension, the slew of signings the Ticats made prior to mini-camp and Hamilton's mini-camp itself (Note: the show was recorded on April 26, the day camp opened, so what happened at camp will be covered on the next episode.)

Then they tackle the CFL news, which includes the new rules for 2016, the officiating agreement between the NFL and CFL, the retirement of a trio of veteran players, the new CFL drug policy, the final scouting bureau rankings and the jersey unveiling set for May 12.

Then comes the real fun, where the two boys give some way-too-early predictions for the 2016 CFL season. Making predictions was all the rage this offseason, and Mike and Josh wanted to get in on the fun (and the ridicule).

Episode 38

April 10, 2016

Mike and Josh start the show by talking proudly about 3DownNation's ONAward nomination. They then get into the Ticats news, including Eric Tillman's promotion to general manager, Craig Butler's season-ending injury, Charles Clay's signing and the anger of Ticats fan over the team's moe to e-tickets. From there, it is on to a pair of league news items: the end of the Edmonton-Ottawa compensation dispute and Riders play-by-play man Rod Pedersen's much-too-early, though still insane, West Division predictions. The show ends as it almost always does, with the boys answering a trio of listener questions.