Episode 14

July 30, 2015

Mike and Josh open the show with Josh slightly gloating about winning his bet from the previous week’s show and reads of his friend Jaclyn’s list of 10 things she likes about the Ticats. The two then discuss all this week’s games, including Hamilton’s big 31-21 win over the Roughriders. After that they preview the Ticats home opener on Monday against the Argos and end the show by answering a few questions from listeners.

Episode 13

July 21, 2015

Mike and Josh do some campaigning for the CFL Twitter Awards' Favourite Podcast award, talk about one idiotic Riders fan, and breakdown the CFL games in Week 4. Then they get into some Ticats talk, discussing the last week's release of Nic Grigsby, review the Ticats 17-13 loss in Montreal last Thursday and preview this upcoming week's game against the Roughriders. The show ends with the two answering some listener questions.

Episode 12

July 14, 2015

Mike and Josh start the show talking a little fantasy football before delving into the CFL news of the week. The two start by ripping into a former media member for an idiotic tweet, Josh rants about the player of the week awards once again and the pair discuss the four games played in Week 3. From there, they talk about the fine to Adrian Tracy and preview this week's Ticats game versus the Montreal Alouettes. They end the show, like they always do, by answering some listener questions.

Episode 11

July 7, 2015

Mike and Josh open the show with a story about mistaken identities, before getting into the CFL news of the week, two-thirds of which angered Josh enough to swear (again). From there, the two analyze the week's games and Josh adds another Argo to his Hate List, before going in-depth on the Ticats win over the Bombers. They end the show by making a couple bold predictions and answering some listener questions.

Episode 10

July 1, 2015

Mike and Josh open the show with discussion of a naughty word, the Riders Hate List and get some bold predictions from listeners. Then they move into talking about Week 1, including the rash of injuries suffered by multiple teams and a recap of the week's games, while also voicing an opinion on TSN's Top 50 CFL players list. The two then breakdown Hamilton's loss in Calgary and preview this week's upcoming game against Winnipeg. They end the show, as always, by answering listener questions.